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    I have a progress pill all setup and ready to go, but when I tap on it rather than getting the Mojo.Event.progressIconTap event it only shows a regular mojo-tap event.

    Been racking my brains on this one and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is my code:

            this.attributes = {
                title: "Reward",
                //image: "images/reward-edit.png",
                modelProperty: "progress"
            this.model = {
                //iconPath: "images/reward-edit.png",
                progress: 0 
    Mojo.Event.listen(this.controller.get("rewardProgress"), Mojo.Event.progressIconTap, 
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    According to the PDC:

    The icon in the bar was tapped, app specific action but usually cancel operation
    Are you sure you are pressing the icon?
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    Sure did.
    I tried tapping on the icon and then tapping on the pill itself. Both yield the same event which aren't the progressIconTap.

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