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    I found it too expensive when it was $10, then when it was $6 I was thinking about it, but still not convinced. Now, for $4 I think it is a good time to buy it.

    A few things that need to be improved:

    Initial screen:
    Profiles need to be added so you can save your configurations for different computers. I will be synching with my work PC, home PC and home laptop. I guess I will have to retype the IP addresses each time I do this for now until we see profiles added.

    Sync from PC to Pre:
    I want to be able to pick which files I want to synch. Though, I can see some people wanting everything to be synch. So an option to pick which files to synch would be nice. I figure If you go to browse Pending files you can actually pick which files you want to synch.

    Synch from Pre to PC:
    It works really nice! However, I which there was a way I could pick which folder I want to upload to.

    It works fine though! A must have for anybody who wants to do file transfers.
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    Just picked this up at half off, and I have to agree. If I point this app to my music folder, I then want to be able to pick and choose which of my thousands of songs get synced over, not have it automatically attempt to (and fail at) syncing everything.

    It was only two bucks, so it's not too big a deal, but it's just not all that usable for me right now.

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