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    I'd like to know if there is a guide on how to develop services in C.
    It would be great to have an example available.
    I'm trying to write a service for espeak but I prefer to do so in C instead of Java.
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    Look in the src directory of Preware, Govnah, Save/Restore or wIRC.

    There is no other documentation anywhere.

    Contact me if you'd like to host your espeak service repo there and have it autobuilt for the webos-internals feed.

    Once you've absorbed the source code and build Makefiles in the preware/build.git repo, then join the #webos-internals IRC channel if you have further questions about creating C services.

    -- Rod
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    Also worth noting, like java services, c services are a homebrew-only thing; no chance of palm accepting it into the app catalog unfortunately
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    Ok, Iīve been looking at the code from those services, but I havenīt been able to test anything in C due to the corruption of my linux partition.. And well, Iīm too lazy to check it up haha.
    Meanwhile, I wrote a very simple service in java based on other services. I already packaged and tested it, but I would like to know which is the best approach on distributing this kind of services. Shall I include the espeak binary together with the service package? or should it be in another package?
    The service, as it is wight now, depends on the espeak ipkg provided in the navit post.

    Thanks again.

    BTW, I know it wouldn't be available on the app catalog, but having tts software available has proved to be useful for my homebrew projects.

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