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    Went to sleep last night after turning on conservativr govener while running govnah and streaming internet radio over wifi. Wall charger plugged in. Woke up and checked temp only to find it at 55 celcius. Bad pre or just me?
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    as well my pre seems to get hotter than other based on the facy that other power users can't break 40 celcius wheb I break that on a regular basis even @ 500mhz
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    Is that the battery temperature or cpu temperature?
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    cpu of course.
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    I've experienced this as well, I've hit this phone is getting weaker,its sucks.
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    anybody wanna buy a sprint pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anivrom View Post
    cpu of course.
    Why exactly do you say 'ofcourse', you didn't explicitly say it was cpu temp you were talking about so you might want to be more clear in future.
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    And persnally I would call streaming and charging "normal use". Shouldn't be overheating this much. Right now its at 29 just using forums and govnah but no charging and Air conditioned truck helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    Why exactly do you say 'ofcourse', you didn't explicitly say it was cpu temp you were talking about so you might want to be more clear in future.
    didn't mean to offend :P
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    anyone else experiencing similar problrms? Wonderingif I should return my phone for a new one.
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    my phone has been messing up, got a replacement should be here in a few hours actually, my phone just sitting idle was reaching temps of 135F and draining a full battery within 2 hours sitting idle. kept going offline as well. and right now its running perfectly fine at 85F hopefully sprint doesnt charge me when they get the phone back saying it wasnt broken
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    hmm so definitely a problem with your old one eh? Maybe I should get a new one
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    I've had the phone reach thermal shutdown (I can only assume that) streaming pandora over 3G while parked under an umbrella by the pool deck last summer; ie waaay before any overclocking.

    I say I assume thermal shutdown because I checked on the phone when it quit playing music and found it to resemble a hot brick. A few minutes later it powered back up no problem. I still have the same handset, by the way.

    I'm rocking the 800 MHz kernel and I'm not concerned at all about temperature given my personal past experience. However still if I find that the temparature does go into the high 50's I do try to give the phone a break.
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    I stream music on my Sprint Pre while using my BT headset and my Pre is on my Touchstone charging and the warmest it has gotten was 43 degrees.
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    ugh, i think i have one of the "bad" ones. my phone just charging and idle sits between 39-43. little bit of use and ive seen it hit 47 with 1 app.

    the battery FLIES down I've notice. woke up no more than an hour ago, took it off the charger, and with some txting and govnah use it already got to 69% battery life....

    could this be a problem with my phone?

    EDIT: Slightly more use 47-49 and i turned on airplane mode with the back off and slider open and it was consistently holding at 42-44...
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