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    You would have to give a dev a little incentive to build such an application since I don't know if there is a huge market out there that want this.

    Anyway, the page seems to show well on the pre browser.
    Out of curiosity what exactly wud you want the app to do since the web page is quite full for a app?
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    If you click on the Plan a Journey link it provides you with a few options so that and the Live mTravel news option on the homepage.

    It would be very useful for those who live in the UK and those who travel and i would say you could demand a fair price for doing such an app.
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    If you were serious about getting someone to develop this you might want to find out if the site offers public api's so that the application can interact with the site.
    As a UK resident, I have some interest in using such an app.
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    I sent an email to the Highways agency with regards to the app they do for the Iphone and Android and asked about an app for webOS. They said that they don't have plans at this time but have said an app can be used using the information from there mobile site:

    Home - Highways Agency

    As for the other app i am waiting to hear back. I would also need to hear from a dev who would like to do it!

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