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    Is it possible to just download and run a java runtime game? Like Stendhal? Just curious if I am approaching this completely wrong. I get errors when I try to run Stendhal. I ran:
    javahy stendhal-0.84.jar
    in a terminal on my pre plus. I see other .jar files. Just assumed I could run one no problem. Don't really do much programming other than fooling around. Anyhow that command gave me the error:
    @@@@ClassLibrary initialize begins...
    Harmony interface GetInitArgs() not implemented
    @@@@ClassLibrary initialized... elapsed=650 ms
    Cannot execute stendhal-0.84.jar
    Am I way off base or what? Can this be done?
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    the JRE on the webOS is very limited and trimmed down. There's no gui elements integrated, so standard java apps (and obviously J2ME apps) will now run.
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