I want a patch that gives you the option to get straight to your alarms by pressing the top section where the time is.

I want an app like "dictation" on the iphone that is capable of recording what you say and putting it in a text format without the user having to type at all.

A grocery list app that has voice recognition...the library of words to recognize doesn't have to be big...only things found at the grocery store! when you say "bananas" a tab will appear on the screen with a box to put check upon getting your bananas.

A Coming Attractions app...i've been trying to make this, but am not familiar with developing software and after weeks of trying have not gotten far at all...i'd rather it just exist than wasting all this time on it...so please, i was hoping it would look similar to the youtube style connecting to all of the movie previews coming up. apple.com has a good trailers section...as long as its easy to use and works and FREE i'm using it when someone decides to make it.

That's all for now...i'll add to this thread or make a new thread when i figure out some more apps or patch ideas.

thanks for anyone who tries to develop these, and special thanks to the ones that succeed.