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    Hello all,

    I had someone come over a while ago that had an app on their iPhone that measured the sound frequencies at various locations on our living assist with calibrating our AV receiver. Do you know if there is anything similar in the works (or already available) for the Pre?

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    wow, nice concept. Interesting idea. Don't think I've seen anything like that.

    Palm Pre Backup Utility...done!
    Locate Pre....done!
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    That wont be possible until the microphone API is opened. Ironically, I just ran in to that same app. I was using a dedicated sound meter and a friend pulled out his iPhone. FYI, the iPhone app isn't very accurate. It works well for "which is lowder" questions, but the absolute measurement is at least 5db off at all times....

    Still, I'll buy it the second it's out, because i've somehow run in to several situations where I didn't have my meter and wanted to measure something...
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    Actually the SPL meter is available in AppCatalog [search for 'SPL Meter']
    But it gives just equivalent values, no FFT/CPB :/
    Would be cool to extend it having also frequency spectra

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