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    Ever since I have my PRE a I keep my centro around for the contact data base. I have not been able to replace it on the PRE yet. Is there a way or maybe a program on the PRE that will function like the tealphone on the Centro. It does not have to be even able to handle phone calls but it has to be able to search all possible fields so I can find my information.

    I do not think this can be done in the WEB OS yet. Also this information has to be able to be updated. If possible via sync with outlook.

    Any suggestions on how to handle this task?

    Thank you
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    Your english is really good, but I am still not sure I understand fully what you are asking....

    This is what I understand....

    You have your contacts in your Centro and are unable to get them transferred to your Palm Pre. Specifically you want to make sure that all of the Centro contact fields are mapped correctly to the Palm Pre contacts fields.

    Is this correct?

    I am not sure what the contact database looks like in the Centro, but if you send me a copy of it I will see what I can do.

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    i think he means that the contacts app cant duplicate the functionality of his centro contacts app. with the pre, you can only search certain fields, like name and phone number, but the centro can search any piece of info in the contact name (im just going off my intrepretation of what he said, and just made up name and phone # as an too lazy to figure out searcheable fields lol). So he wants an app that can search every nook and cranny of a contact's info....right?

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