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    I was wondering if anyone knew what that app does. Created by PuffTheMagic , in the WebOS Internalz team I think.. My friend installed and said all it has is a toggle that says on when connected true or false, just wondering if anyone knew what's up with that one.. :
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    I'd like to know too I have it installed for thr heck of it no clue what it does though let me know too please
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    I saw that today and it piqued my curiosity as well
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    Can I get a link for that? I would like to look at it.
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    Did a bit of digging. It simply has a toggle that sets 'onWhenConnected' in the com.palm.display service. Which just keeps the display on when the phone is connected to a power supply. I'll be blunt. This guy needs to be shot. A description like 'Wouldn't you like to know' is just less than unhelpful. And for those of you asking where to get it, it's listed under utilities in preware. or if you don't use preware it's in the webos-internals-all feed. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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