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    Please stay, lol. A yes reason? simply webOS is on the verge of something big from HP and we need as many developers now than ever. I always think its silly that people switch to other phones, as of late, even though they know that the Feb. 9th announcement is bringing many new things, i feel the same way about developers leaving in a time when a lot of "new" is on the horizon.
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    I would say stay! It looks like HP is about ready to make a big push.
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    so far I'm staying, I know some inside info regarding the "devices", (not the reg. developer info) and it seems HP/Palm still gas a chance
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    so far I'm staying, I know some inside info regarding the "devices", (not the reg. developer info) and it seems HP/Palm still gas a chance

    What about cross-platform development tools? Are there any that work well and if so why not work on apps using those for now - that way you get multiple markets covered.
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    If you need the money: leave.
    If you want to get famous: stay.
    You will never find such a community else where.
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    you've already written the app, right? so stay and make some free money.
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    Wow, thread from the dead. I might as well chime in. I started my focus on webOS Mojo apps but after seeing the direction things were going I've since shifted and learned C++ and the OpenGL libraries. Now I'm writing code that'll move to the iPhone and Android a little easier if things change. Btw I was terrified of C++ for years but after finally convincing myself to learn it I've been quite happy with the payoff. Once hybrid apps show themselves I'll continue coding on C++ and just use html/css for the UI. Anyhow that's the way I went. Lemme know if I can help if you decide to go a similar direction.

    - Phil -
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    If you enjoy programming in a webOS enivorment then stay. Elsewise move on.

    This should be about enjoyment, not should I stay becuase the crowd is small.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoraWare View Post
    Wow, thread from the dead.
    LOL - a 1 month old thread is "dead"? I had one resurface from 2 years ago on another board - I had started it and I didn't recognize it at first!
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    If you go with Apple or Android, you will be coming very late to the party, and competing against some very big, established names. The window closed.

    But for WebOS? sure, it is small now. Except now HP, the WORLD'S LARGEST COMPUTER COMPANY, SEVERAL TIMES (10?) LARGER THAN APPLE, with I think 10% of shelfspace in technology stores, now owns them, and HP's old market, PC's, is now threatened... HP isn't stupid (you don't become #1 by being dumb), and they are "doubling down" on this space.

    So there is a legit story to a potential WebOS future. Is it certain? No. There is alot of competition. But do your own math - compete in Apple/Android, against the big boys, or compete is a small eco-system with little competition that may boom. I think that is really what it comes down to.
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    And as I've said before, you can write for WebOS AND Android, AND iOS. This isn't the game console world.

    But I really REALLY want to know what HP told you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    Should I continue webOS development or not, If yes WHY, ( I have all the reasons not to continue ).

    It seems obvious that Palm/HP can't get their act together and are just being lazy ( as is evident from the lack of interest they have in keeping and getting new big devs ). So should I stay or go?
    If you don't enjoy it, move on. If you do, there will be enough products and consumers from HPs efforts to keep you busy for awhile longer until Android steals everything relevant from WebOS and gets some stability.
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    I currently have 8 applications in the app catalog and have submitted 2 more for review, however due to lack of user interest in the webOS platform sales counts have dropped very steeply, and Palm/HP interest and support of developers has dropped to close to nothing, I've emailed Palm posted threads on the Palm developer forum and tweeted to @Palm @webOSdev and haven't even heard back from them regarding issues I've had.

    I've been thinking about stooping app development fr webOS for some time, but was giving Palm a chance to get their act together, they have failed to meet expectation and have broken promises which has frustrated me to the point of no longer being able to devlope new apps or properly support my current apps in the catalog.

    I don't think it's ethical for me to keep my apps in the catalog and not support them, SO THE QUESTION IS,

    should I remove them from the catalog?
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    I think they should already have been removed.

    Seems as though you've mentioned this before:
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    It sounds like you're answering your own question? If HP/Palm is not responding to your issues or have broken promises to you, why leave them in the catalog?
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    If I were you, I'd leave them in the catalog (and continue to support them) until fall, when we should have a better idea of the adoption rate of the new devices. Giving up now (like Epocrates and many others have done), on the eve of a possible resurgence of interest in webOS, seems to me foolhardy.

    Now, if November rolls around and the Veer, Pre3, and TP have been on the market for a few months and your app sales are still in the toilet ... yeah. Drop them like they're hot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    ...I've been thinking about stooping app development fr webOS for some time..
    As Cantaffordit said, you paused developement for Palm on June 2, 2010:

    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post

    after reading this I will stop developement on my apps.

    weatherIcon, myClock, findMYcar. and more, why should I work for a dying platform.

    EDIT: I sould have written, I will "pause" developement, I voted for clarification.
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    I merged all of your threads and polls on this together. Just save this link to see it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    As Cantaffordit said, you paused developement for Palm on June 2, 2010:
    had he read my other posts he may have noticed that I continued development after the HP "clarification".
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