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    Just posted my app last month so I'm new to this ... I figured it'd be on the 1st of each month ...
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    about the 3rd week of the month seems to be typical. Reports will show up sooner than that in the dev portal
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    3rd week of the month IF you're owed at least $100 or have a 6 month old balance. My first app never crested that amount, so I got the slim balance when I was paid for Scratch the first time.
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    ok.. i've already crested $100 ... it's been up for about 3 weeks.. thanks.
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    Between the 20th - 22nd of every month, you should see your $$ posted your pay pal. You'd also be notified by Palm about your App revenue
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    This is all good info to have. 1 app was published about 2 weeks ago another was published today. All the info we found was payments could take 60 days to receive after the end of the month. Just waiting on the first report to come out now to see what the first payment will be since the system isn't real time data.

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