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    Can someone develop a download manager utility for Safari? Similar to what the Iphone and Ipod Touch uses.
    I use my Pre thanks to the browser multimod patch to stream and download several Iphone specific websites. Lately I have been running into trouble streaming. It appears that webos does not handle filenames well. Trying to stream some files causes a playback error. I have found if I download these same files and change their names using InternalZ the Pre plays them just fine.
    Problem is I have to use WIFI with airplane mode on. If I do not, when the download is interrupted by a call it fails. Solution a download manager is needed.
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    Well it sounds like you have multiple problems. I don't think you meant, "Can someone develop a download manager utility for Safari?" Maybe you meant something similar to what Safari has?

    It is not that webOS doesn't handle file names well, the problem is that the webOS like every other operating system only plays certain file formats. Renaming the file extensions trick the operating system.

    Anyway, sorry for so wordy, but what you probably want is to contact the developer of the Mulitmod patch and see if you can have a resume feature added to it.
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    Resume feature sounds more like what I am looking for thanks.
    To clarify the name issue. I tried to play a file. Iron.Man.DVDRIP.mp4 It would not stream or play after download. Bu simply eliminating the periods in the filename it played. Another one had 20% between each word. Removing that allowed it to play.
    I completely understand the Pre can only play certain files but the prob I have is with streaming or playing supported file types with poorly written names.

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