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    So im wondering what all of you think. Do you think after HP and Palm merge together that more developers will create apps for WebOS. Because it seems like we only get a couple apps trickling into the app store each day and that is on a good day. I would love for the app store to explode in a frenzy of apps. As we all know the future of an operating system depends on developers, So lets hear your opinions!
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    well, not just cause of the buyout, well, some will. Some developers are still scared that palm will disapear, so that will bring a few around. but rumours and speculations say that palm is planning on releasing a device about 2-3 months after the buyout. Hp will spend millions on non freaky advertising. That will move units, and create some hype. As soon as a device sells something like 1 million in a month, and gets alot of hype developers jump on bord.

    Also by October palm will have added the needed apis, and will have made web-os much snappier. They have already said they will upgrade their JavaScript engine to the new chrome one, and will include gpu accelerated css. Together that will make it quite faster.

    You get proper development tools+ a revolutionary non-beta os+ a new device+ millions in advertising, developers will make apps.
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    I think they are jumping overboard is more like it.
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    Yes. I believe they will.

    @kinster02 - oh yes, because whatever a current situation will be, it will remain that way even if circumstances change? Nice logic.
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    O ye of little faith.
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    Interesting though...

    Know many have thought...webOS ontop of Android...Hmmm

    Best of both worlds couldn't hurt but it will never happen unless webOS takes a huge downswing even under HP.

    I don't expect this to happen, but you never know. Sorli...
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    I left one part out...

    Windows phone is going to be launching, unless hp can get some serious hype before then, developers might jump to that platform first, we might have to wait. If the merger closed 3-6 month ago, things would of looked alot better. I know 6 months ago palm had no reason to sell itself, cause things looked good, but i'm just saying it would of helped.

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