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    You'd think it wouldn't be too difficult to create a desktop program that allowed you to capture your WebOS Device.
    Similar to Redfly.

    I seem to remember something we used with our 650, where you could mouse around this enlarged Treo Screen on your Desktop.

    Browsing and Using your Pre on the desktop would prolly lessen the need to tether.
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    There are already a few of these apps, look for Touch Board in the App Catalog.
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    If I recall, Touch Board and the like let you use the Pre as a pointing device (mouse).

    It sounds like what berdinkerdickle is looking for is a way to do the oposite, control the Pre from a PC desktop... and I don't think that there's a program or App out there for that yet. But it's a interesting idea.
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    Yes, Control the Pre from the PC.
    Just look at the Redfly, and that's what I'm talking about.
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    Big D5, an Admin over at

    pointed me in the right direction for my device.

    here are some links:

    Video: Hands on with the Celio REDFLY Mobile Viewer

    Something like this for WebOS would be cool.
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