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    I'm a n00b in so many many ways, and I beg your indulgence for it.

    My Palm Pre Plus is my first smart phone and I'm simply dotty about it. The only thing I've wanted that it lacks is no biggie at all. But I thought I'd ask the folks with the big brains before I gave up and stopped looking.

    Solitaire: Everybody loves Klondike. Nobody's ever f*cking heard of Montana. Montana's main virtue as a computer game is that it's a computer game: it's an incredible PITA to play with real cards, due to set up time and thorough shuffling needs. I haven't seen Montana on any kind of computer or device since the early 90s, but I keep looking. I've looked all over the apps here at pre-central as well as, of course, what can be gotten through the little icon on my phone (I'm only about as tech savvy as you might expect from a 40yo who's not in the biz).

    So at this juncture you may be wondering if I have a point. In fact, I have two!

    First: Does anybody know me to be mistaken? Can you point me to an app for Montana or a solitaire suite that includes Montana?


    Second: Anybody feel like making such an app if it doesn't exist? I have NO idea how difficult or easy this thing I am proposing is. So try not to laugh at me too hard. I won't be held responsible for keyboards or monitors.

    If you got to the end of this post and I haven't ****ed you off or made you feel so much contempt you are going to forget I ever existed, thank you. (The rest of ya won't read (or remember, as the case may be) this paragraph anyway lol)

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    Pardon me if I'm breaking etiquette. In many forums it is acceptable to bump up your question if it has rolled a few pages and gotten no responses. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by assuming that is okay here.

    Most likely there just isn't any interest, since my original post was viewed so many times and no one had anything to say. I know it was more than a little tl;dr lol. But I am holding out hope.
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    Try asking the developer of Solitaire Collection (there are a couple of related threads on this forum). He might be able to add Montana, if you ask nicely and maybe purchase his app, which is especially inexpensive now that Palm has a half price promotion going on.
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    I'm the developer of Solitaire Collection. I've had a few requests for this game (using the name "Gaps"). I had never played it before, and hadn't been able to find much info about it.

    I'm happy to have stumbled on this thread though. There is a program called PySol (for the computer, not the phone) that has many many solitaire games, and it happens to have Montana. It didn't have it listed as Gaps.

    So, now I've played a few hands of Montana, and I like it. I will probably add it to Solitaire Collection very soon. The layout is a bit tricky. I've found that if I have more than 10 rows across that there isn't enough room on the screen. I think it may make sense to require that this game be played horizontally.

    If you'd like you can follow the Solitaire Collection thread. I'll post there when this is ready to go into a beta. (Also, you'll be able to try the beta for free before deciding to buy.)
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    I've nearly finished with adding Montana (and Gaps/Spaces/Aces and Spaces and other variants) to Solitaire Collection. I'm just putting a little bit more polish on it and I'll post a beta build.

    I'm really happy with how it has turned out. The game play on the phone feels really nice to me. You can drag a card to a gap, or in most cases just tap on it to move it.

    The highlighting support (optional) worked really well here as well. Each card that can be moved to a gap is shown with a yellow highlight.

    I'm including a number of variants, and a "relaxed" version of each. In the relaxed version I will allow unlimited shuffles. I'm pretty confident that this will make nearly any Montana/Gaps/Spaces fan happy.
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    I've just uploaded the beta of Solitaire Collection that includes Montana. You can get the beta here:

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    The game will also be included in the next full release of Solitaire Collection.

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