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    Hi. Today I was thinking about buying a tablet for video streaming in home wlan.

    But then I thought wait a minute . Pre is a Linux Phone. This must work somehow. So my first thought was Samba. So I made a Share on my Windows 7 work PC. I was able to connect this to my Pre. This is what I did:

    First of all install Samba if you haven't already (Via Novacom or Terminus):

    sudo mount -o remount,rw /
    sudo ipkg-opt update
    sudo ipkg-opt install samba
    Then execude the following:

    Hostname -> Computers IP
    Sharename -> Name of the Share you created
    Username -> In Windows the active User of the PC (all other users should know what they are doing )

    smbclient //hostname/sharename -U username
    You will be prompted for password. You should now be connected without any problems. If so this prompt will appear:

    smb: \>
    Type this and you should see all your files via console:

    So far so good. There I got stuck because smbfs is not yet compiled in the pre kernel. My question is wouldn't it be awesome to have smbfs? Since there are custom kernels around I think it wouldn't be a big deal. Because if we could use smbfs we could browse through samba shares with Internalz File Browser. Be able to open any file compatible with the Pre over WLAN .

    Perhaps I missed other solutions. But right now it's the only option I know that wouldn't take that long to develop because everything is already their. Just needs to be implemented.
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    This can already be done using Xorg tools. Perhaps you should look this page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmoj1 View Post
    This can already be done using Xorg tools. Perhaps you should look this page.
    Thank you for your link. Helped a lot. I was able to mount the Samba Share of my PC to my Palm Pre and browse through the files with novaterm. But the Device doesn't list those directories/files in Internalz nor DocumentViewer. So still not much of an approvement. Will try to figure out how it's possible to access files over the gui via samba.
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    hi guys,
    did u manage to get further on this?

    what about the WebOS 3.0 in the touchpad?

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