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    Hello People

    I relly need your help!
    I am creating some Ajax.Request the problem is that i am requesting something that could timeout.
    Can i set the timeout time down? I think it is to high...
    I use code from another thread:
    Code:"Getting Data");
    var glUrl = "";
    new Ajax.Request(glUrl, {
        method: 'get',
    	parameters: {test: this.test},
        onComplete: function(){},
        onSuccess: function (transport) {"Das ist gut!"); },
        onFailure: function (failure) {"Nicht so gut!"); }
    So when the timeout is hit i just get the "onSuccess". Is there also a "timeout" method? Or du i have to check if the status is 200 after i hit onSuccess.
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    check for 200, I don't think there is a timeout method, but you could read the docs
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    prototype also supports on200 read here Prototype JavaScript framework: Introduction to Ajax
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    Thank you for the input. Can i change the timeout time? Dont see it anywhere..
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    Google it

    prototype ajax.request requestTimeout - Google Search

    Might I recommend the page titled "Prototype AJAX Request Timeout Test" as it includes sample code.
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