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    What are the possibilities of a patch that would add other Default Event Durations for new events in the Calender App?

    I use the Calender to track my work schedule and work all 8 hour shifts. Currently I have to create the event with the 2 hour maximum Default Duration then go back and edit every shift to reflect the 8 hour shifts.

    I would love to be able to just have every event I create start as 8 hours then just edit the ones that are different durations.
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    have you checked out the patches ? i thought there was one that already did this
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    There is here is the link to it with the descriptions of reminders.
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    Thanks for the quick responses.
    I was looking at those two patches mentioned and they look like they are aimed at reminder times. I am looking at increasing the duration of the events...

    for example: My work day is 8 hours long. I want to be able to set my default duration for new events so when I enter my schedule for Tomorrow starting at 7:00am it will know the event lasts until 3:00pm and display that in the calender so my wife does not expect me for anything else during that time.

    I can see the other patches giving me better reminder times for the upcoming events, but my needs are for longer Events themselves.
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    my error here you go see if this one does what you need. I have my default event reminder for 45 minutes and my all day for 36 hours. if you need a particular time let me know and I can post the change for you. My default duration ranges from 0 minutes to 8 hours.
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    OK I must have misRead it. If it can change the default duration to 8 hours then thats perfect.

    Thank You!!

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