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    Instead of getting attitude decorvette you could have said nothing or 'i don't know'.
    You asked, I answered: from -50 to infinite. Maybe you wished an answer like 2000/month, but that's not as easy. Some apps at 0.99 will not reach the 100 downloads in a year, and some others will surpass 1000 downloads in first day...
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    Yes I don't get the Zynga purchases...
    It's about status. After a long on-and-off relationship with facebook(which finally ended permanently when facebook started selling user information), I have come to the conclusion that stupid people will pay for that crap just so they can try to one-up their friends. The fact that it's stupid and doesn't mean **** is just ignored. I played farmville, but never spent a dime on it. Half my 'friends' spent money on it though... And now I have a strong urge to go watch the facebook episode of South Park...

    Oh, and to the OP. I know it's not really accurate, but grab the download count patch. Probably just check apps you use, that way you can kinda get an estimate. Just divide by how many times the app has been updated... Doesn't need to be perfect, just a ballpark figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prequan View Post
    thanks for the non-responses both of you. Not at all helpful.
    Reminds me of your response.
    In a forum you gotta take the good with the bad. I don't think anyone is trying to be unhelpful.
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    Here's some math so you can make guesses. (Only for paid apps without ad support.)

    Profit = #_of_Purchases * (Price - Price * 30%) - $50

    Simplified: Profit = #_of_Purchases * Price * 70% - $50

    Use excel or equivalent and you can make an array of estimates based on sales of similar apps keeping in mind they may have ad support. With free ad supporting apps I click the ads occasionally even if I'm not interested in the ad to support the developers.
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    uh, that was a joke...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mannyman View Post
    Reminds me of your response.
    In a forum you gotta take the good with the bad. I don't think anyone is trying to be unhelpful.
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