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    In trying to change my default workspace folder, somehow I managed to clear out all the projects that were listed in Eclipse. I can still create new WebOS projects but can't figure out how to load and run the old existing ones.

    When I go under "Projects", the "Open Projects" selection is grayed out and not clickable. I've spend a day scratching my head and I know I'm being really dumb but I can't figure it out.

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    What has worked for me is the following:
    In Eclipse, start a new project.
    When the New Project dialog comes up asking what kind of project to create, select General->Project and click Next.
    For the project name, type in the same name as the existing project that you want to load. Set the workspace location to your new workspace, assuming that's where the project is. Click Finish. The existing project will be loaded into the Project Explorer view.

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