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    Greetings all. I am just learning how to develop for the Pre. No previous experience. I have plans for several apps. My first few ideas would be free apps and open source. I have (and used with my old Palms) a few free apps in PalmOS. While I want to make an app that "my own (graphics and such), it would be nice if I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. Is there a way to look at the code of a PalmOS app to see how it executes so I can structure execution of a WebOS app in the same way? Not looking to infringe anyone's rights, just want to speed up development.

    And for those of you thinking of Classic, thanks, but no. The audience for my app probably would prefer not to go through Classics and may not even be aware of Classic. Plus you have to pay for it, and i want these apps to be free. And again, I do want to make some visual changes at the very least.

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    Apps for palmOS are hardcoded. You'll need to contact the developers of those apps to get the source code. That said, developing using web technologies presents a rather significant shift in the way you'll do things. So, you may actually be better off not being able to see the original source code.

    I do applaud your plan to go open source. If you're not overly familiar with the way open source licensing actually works(all too many people seem to think open source means waiving all rights to your own code) I invite you to visit the free software foundation's website and actually go over the GPL/LGPL, MIT, MPL, and BSD licenses. Again, too many people think that one open source license is the same as the next when they actually are VERY different.

    Also, looking at your post, you seem to be kinda nervous about copyright infringement. Just make your apps. Copyright would only apply if you actually used someone elses code or media in your app. You are absolutely free to make your own apps to do the same things as other people's apps.

    Finally, what are these apps you speak of? If any of them seem particularly daunting to you, then might I suggest you set up a sourceforge/github/google code project and invite other developers to help you out.

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