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    I started this game a few months ago, and it's been playable since... well, since the day I started it actually. I just haven't had much time to finish it up. I recently set it up a sourceforge project, committed the code to subversion, and slapped together a website for your ogling pleasure.

    It's a JetSlalom/Cube Runner style game done using canvas and Javascript. And for any of you active in the PSP homebrew community, yes, I was inspired to make this after seeing StarSlalom in action.
    Anyway, it's by no means done yet, but if you care to check it out, it can be found here:
    Slalom for WebOS

    No ipk yet(yeah, I'm lazy...), but it's not hard to check it out from subversion and send it to your phone using your development environment of choice.
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    Looks quite nice, will try it when I'm back home.
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    Ok, did a bit of work and put together an ipk. All game modes should now work properly.
    You can get the ipk here:

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