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    does anyone have any experience with using canvas inside of a scroller? Im trying to set my scene up so that the canvas is wider than the screen and the user can horizontally (when the pre is in landscape) scroll left and right (with no DOM elements, just one canvas). I have the scroller so that it seems to be set up correctly, but its not firing my startScrolling function when I try to scroll and the canvas element doesnt actually scroll. Im jsut wondering if its some certain way that canvas needs to be set up within the scroller in the scene or how its set up in the assistant
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    Check out this page
    Mojo.Widget.Scroller - Palm Developer Center
    The default scroller is set to only scroll vertically. You have to manually set it to scroll horizontally.

    If you think you have it set up correctly but it still doesn't work, then we're gonna need to see some code.

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