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    Fragmentation aside, for the webOS to achieve unparalleled success, which is currently hasn't been able to do, needs to be ported onto non palm hardware. Blackberry and android are popular because of its multi-platform, carrier and price range appeals. WebOS has intuitive concepts but in the long run will get crushed if it lacks expansionary tactics. Its time to follow google and see what their doing with android for palm to suceed
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    Really?? I mean Really? This is your first post? How is Apple doing with that multi platform and carrier deal. And Really, blackberry has the same phone just different sizes, really, they are all the same. And droid, really, selling out to whoever wants to take their software, they dont even make the phones, just the software. And really, do you even own a pre or pixi? I mean really, this is your first post. The os hant even been out a year, come on.
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    that's a bunch of "really's" lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by notalexrz View Post
    that's a bunch of "really's" lol
    Yeah lol. Reminds of the "really" part from SNL's weekend update.
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    Don't think Palm is interested in putting their software on other (non-Palm) devices at this point.
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    i'd honestly be interested in seeing the webos hacked onto different devices... i don't know how impossible that would be but it would be neat.. could you imagine webos on a touch hd2. since it came out, the pre has been a yugo with the engine of a ferrari, they did a really lame job on the phone but the os is amazing.

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