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    lamp - because it's illuminating and has the same letters as palm
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    Borrowing from the Android Superlatives (like Incredible, Dream, Desire, Hero, Supersonic)...

    The Palm Awesome!

    But make it live up to the name, so people without any prodding on our part will say...

    "Hey, that's an Awesome phone you've got there!"

    And we can respond...

    "You bet it is! It's a Palm, I wouldn't expect anything less than that from them (anymore- post HP)!"
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    "Everybody Palm!"

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    HP might have some ideas...
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    Palm Premiere
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    I posted Prenix as a goofy play on Phoenix but skipped right over Phoenix itself. It would be cool but the literal definition would require acceptance that it was dead before.

    How about TABLET names?

    Palm Reader? Hahaha. Magic 8 Ball app included.
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    It should have a huge HD screen and be called the ''Palm PreVue''
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    Has anyone suggest 'Palm Pro'?
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    well they already have treo pro...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollabak009 View Post
    What should the next Palm device be called???
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    Palm Personal - Hp is personal again.

    naw, Palm Pure.
    pure multitasking, pure simplicity.
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    i like palm Pure...
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    Palm touchsmart. Lol
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    +1 for Palm Phoenix

    There is something about rising from the ashes that appeals to me.
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    Palm pure the best
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    I like the Palm Prevolution
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    Truthfully, I like the name Palm Eos that someone mentioned earlier.

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    I like palm phoenix. I also like palm pilot HD.
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