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    Palm Phoenix

    Whatever it is, so long as we can have it this summer (or at least hear about it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColbyM View Post
    Doesn't seem to flow though, you know. Besides thats probably gonna be the next gen iPhone, even though there may not even be an HD screen or HD output OR HD camera.
    The truth is that I really don't care what they call it as long as it has a big honkin' screen and substantially better build quality.

    I am not a huge fan of the current design. Looks cheap. Palm has a great OS. They need to match it with great hardware.
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    in the other thread, folks liked palm predator or palm prime... both of which i think are cool.

    some others (some may have been mentioned. i dunno.)...

    palm presto
    palm phd
    palm phone
    palm peak
    palm phreak
    palm pi ("pie")
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    Palm Lotion
    Palm Palm
    Palm Pom

    /play on previous names
    Palm Pre Too (too is a synonym of Plus)

    Palm HPre (pronounced H - Pre)
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    Palm could use some ideas....btw i dont like the name pixi
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    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaSupreme View Post
    in the other thread, folks liked palm predator or palm prime... both of which i think are cool.
    Palm Prime is good.

    Nothing could be worse than Palm Pixi. It's like they were trying to get guys to not buy it :\
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    I don't really have any ideas since the name should definitely go with the hardware, but Why does everyone on this forum think Palm phones should have the initials PP?

    like... pee pee.

    I know the Pre and Pixi started this trend, but do we really need it to continue?

    Anyway, I like the idea of "Pheonix".

    As long as it looks hardcore.

    Kind of like this:

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    palm phoenix....i like it
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    +1 for H-Pre...
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    Palm Phoenix is a great idea! The phoenix is a mythical creature that is reborn from its ashes. I think this is the perfect metaphor for Palm's situation and how their new smartphone could revitalize the Palm brand.

    This would also make for some interesting commercials. I can imagine them showing all of the current smartphones lined up on a table (iPhone, android phones, blackberry, etc.). Someone sets them on fire. Finally the fire burns out and rising from the ashes is the new Palm Phoenix phone.
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    Lovin' Palm Phoenix for all the reasons above. I saw the first suggestion, and came here to post such, but you've beaten me to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysurf View Post
    How 'bout the Palm Post.
    Stole my thunder, that's what I was going to say.
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    Before I read any others, my first thought was Palm Prime But I do like the name Crave
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    How about Pre Deux or just Deuce?
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    resurrect the Folio!
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    Call it the Palm Present. Then call call the next device the Palm Post. Pre -> Present -> Post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnshaft View Post
    How about Pre Deux or just Deuce?
    What the Deuce?
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