I am a long time user of Pre and PreCentral, having used and added Feeds for programs from developers as needed.

Unfortunately, I doctored phone this last weekend and have lost some of my custom feeds, and don't even know where to go back to look for them.

Also, with all the new members coming on from Verizon and ATT who haven't had the benefit of reading help and advise for almost a year, they will probably have many questions and need help finding the same.

So, is there a way someone would want to start a list, possibly sticky this, of for feeds - what they support, and the http link to add them?

I will start on how to Update for Newbies - Under Preware, tap the top left Preware tab, select Manage Feeds. You will see what is installed as well as a New Feed name and url section at bottom. This is where you input, leave compressed on and add feeds.

Ones that I have added are "webosinternals-testing, webos-internals, webos-patches, arm7, and more, but I hope the developers see this or someone with a good understanding of these and what exactly they do. In other words, I loaded when needed, but not sure enough to give good advise.

I am sure any help you can give to the community will be appreciated and save frustration as newcomers learn how to use these forums to enhance their new Pres and Pixis.