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    Hello !

    Is there a way in an app to publish a text in user's facebook account ?

    The user just tap a button, and the app open facebook app with a text in profile update...

    Thanks for help !
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    you can use, on the handleFunction of your button tap, the service call to the application manager to open the facebook app. You'd have to do some digging within the facebook app as well to see whether or not that's even supported. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks ! I know how to launch facebook app, but I can't find api to send text inside the facebook app.
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    Facebook has an API you can use to perform a lot of user functions. I've only skimmed it, but it would probably be better to use than opening the facebook app.

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    You should look into the graph API. It gives a quick and easy way to read and publish data to a Facebook account. You'll need to learn how to handle Oauth2 authentication.

    There is a Javascript SDK. I don't think that will work directly with a Mojo app since it requires browser plugins. However, looking through it could give you some clues as to how things work.

    You should also check out the Facebook dev forum.

    Facebook Platform Developer Forum
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    This might be of interest to you if you want a simple way to post status updates to Facebook.

    Facebook for webOS: Seed Status - incaseofstairs
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    thanks to facebook 1.2.1 version here's how to publish a text a the facebook wall.

    this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.applicationManager', {
    method: 'launch',
    parameters: {
    id: "",
    params: { status: "hello!" }
    onFailure: function(response) {
    Mojo.Log.error("Seed Status Failure: %j", response.errorText);
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    I've finish with ! it really works great ! awesome !

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