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    I'm writing an app for webos and using Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) in it. I need to do a PUT command and it's giving me problems. It actually does create a file on the server but it never puts any bytes in the file and my palm pre hangs and then restarts!

    Here's my code:
    MyAssistant.prototype.activate = function(event)
         this.req = new XMLHttpRequest();
         //The Handler
         this.req.onreadystatechange = this.reqHandler.bind( this );
         //The connection parameters, including PUT method "PUT", url + "/" + fileName, true );
         //Setting headers for the content I'll send
         this.req.setRequestHeader( "Content-Type", "text/plain" );
         this.req.setRequestHeader( "Content-Length", 4 );
         //The file's content (although I've also tried sending actual bytes)
         this.req.send( "test" );
         //A counter (used to test why it hangs/loops and restarts phone)
         this.counter = 0;
    MyAssistant.prototype.reqHandler = function(response)
         //If this is used, it NEVER hangs but does NOT put a file on the server
         //When this is used, it hangs until the phone restarts BUT it 
         //results in a file of length zero on the server!!
         if ( this.counter++ > 0 ) this.req.abort(); 
         //On Server: -rw-r--r--   1 ftp   ftp   0 May 18 12:11 test.txt
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    Any ideas?
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    I added code to my orig post. (Sorry about not doing that earlier.)

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