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    ok I am wanting to learn to develop webos apps I am a newbie I have 3 books

    palm programming "the authoritave solution" by Glenn Buckmann

    palm programming "the developers guide" by O'Railly

    java in a nutshell

    what the question is will these books help me to get started in developing webos apps and is there any other things or books I need to help me get started?

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    I don't think "Java in a nutshell" will help you seeing as WebOS development uses Javascript...

    I haven't seen or used any of those books, but here's some advice. There are three things you need to know to program for WebOS—HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Javascript. All three are extensively covered in web tutorials. Palm's developer forums are useful for much of the WebOS-specific implementations of certain features. Also, delving into the code of applications from the App Catalog and even Palm's own built-in apps can be very helpful. You can access that code by rooting your phone and copying the application files to your PC (rooting instructions can be found here on PreCentral).
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    Quote Originally Posted by abansb View Post
    what the question is will these books help me to get started in developing webos apps?
    Those books will be 0 help.
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    I'm also just trying to get into it. Without books so far, I'm slowly getting there. I might pick up a book soon because it will give me a bit more structured overview of things.

    Some sites I found very helpful:
    For starters:

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
    Go through the html and javascipt tutorials, they help you a lot with understanding.

    Do the 'hello world' tutorial on

    Check out

    Then expand by looking at code from these sites:

    These Linux Mag articles on developing an app with lists including source code:
    Using Lists in webOS - Mastering the Oldest Mobile Profession | Linux Magazine
    Widget Wonderland for WebOS | Linux Magazine
    HTML5 Database; Better than Sliced Bread? | Linux Magazine

    The 'Style Matter' app (search Preware) is very helpful for code snippets.


    Just play around with some code. When you get stuck, search these forums, there is a lot of information already in there if you're looking for something!

    Good luck!
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    ok thanks guys I was given the books
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    download the SDK and take a look at the example applications that come with it. They've been the most help for me.
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    Also, here's my opportunity to plug my tutorials in my sig.
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    I'm going through the exact same thing. You should go to and do the free online beginner course. It is the best, least confusing way to start, trust me. While you are going through the course you can be reading about html, css and javascript. "HTML in easy steps" is pretty good book, and cheap. "CSS in easy steps" is a good book and also cheap. "javascript in easy steps" is a BAD book, find a different one. So far, this is what I am doing and I have started off completely green. No experience. Hope this helps.

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