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    Currently you can only see 3 full cards in zoomed out view. Any devs willing/able to do a more expanded view with more cards? Say in the neighborhood of 6-9 full cards?

    Look at HTC's Sense UI for android in the attached screenshot. This gives you a shot of every homescreen and this layout could apply to showing more WebOS cards.

    Simple diagram of 9cards plus edges for additional cards.
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    I wouldbe happy with 4 and would fit better with the Pre screen size.
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    this is a pretty good idea i must say.....wish i had the knowledge to develop.
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    I like this and would love to use this on my PRE.
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    I was thinking something kind of like that. Or something like solitaire, where you you can stack lick apps if you want. Kind of like how windows groups like apps but with a lot more freedom.
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    Even better would be to show maybe 4 screens at once when 'grabbing' an icon to move it to a different page in the launcher! Now THAT would be useful!!
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    This is what I hope the hp slate does with WebOS. On my Pre, I often zoom out to see more..if they make use of screen size on Slate they could maybe incorporate cut/paste within cards?
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    the zoom-out feature is pretty nice actually. If anything, I'd like the browser cards to be stacked together so they don't get mixed up with everything else.

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