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    ok, just a quick question,

    Is it even possible to use a partition of the flash memory as RAM?I read that an MIT student wanted to do this for the iphone but heard nothing else?

    I understand that the ssd has a specific amound of cycle times, and is slower than the ram, but if a partition could be used to increase the VM available, that would be cool!but not as swap space, cus at the moment the pre doesn't even use 50% of that.

    The only reason I ask is because I've been optomising the RAM settings to suppress tmc and random restarts on the original pre, and although had 90% success with restarts, Ive only had 75% success with i started looking at iphone memory solutions for ideas!

    so basically, ignoring the it possible?

    thanks in advance
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    Just a wide guess here, but most Linux based operating systems have a "swap" partition that gets used for paging out data when the main memory fills up to the hard drive. I don't know if WebOS uses a swap partition, but if it does, it may be possible to expand it, which might help with the TMC errors.
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    yeh,i tried adding a swap file to the usb, webOS didn't use any of it. I mean, even as it stands it only uses 50% of the current swap space
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    webos uses a swap partition. And that's as close as it's gonna get to using the flash memory as ram. In theory, it is possible, but you're looking at rewriting rather large chunks of the linux kernel to make it work. And it's doubtful it would perform any better than swap paging does already. In fact, if I remember correctly, microsoft actually tried something like this in pocketpc back in the day, but ditched it due to performance issues.

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