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    BigOven is a great PC recipe software with apps for iphone, ipad, droid, and windows mobile. Though webos app has been requested, here is their response.

    "Based on current market volume, and forecasts for Palm Pre-capable devices versus others, we cannot guarantee that a Palm Pre version will be forthcoming, but we do have a strong desire to do a native Blackberry client, an iPhone client, an Android client an iPad client and a Windows Phone (future Windows phone) client. We also have an API available and welcome inquiries from any Palm Pre developers ("

    can any of your smarty developers help?
    mom of 4 hungry souls is begging you...
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    Hmm, seems like something that would be easy enough to do. They already have a public and well-documented API. All that is needed is a developer to get around to making the app.

    I would be interested in doing it, but I don't have time for it at the moment.
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    100 GET requests per hour by default. | Recipe API

    I suppose a developer could negotiate with them, but that is a very low number.
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