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    Hi everyone.

    I may need some developers to help me out, or at least back me up. And I need some physicians to speak up if they find this of interest.

    So I am a physician (can't use term 'doctor' on this site as it has a whole other meaning here: webos doctor) and I was talking to a VP of Quest Diagnostics (Quest Diagnostics Incorporated: The world's leader in diagnostic testing, information, services, blood tests, and lab tests.) about their Electronic Health Record, Care360 ( They have a great iPhone app where you can look up a patient's lab results (blood tests, etc) and an e-prescribing feature, to electronically send new scripts to a pharmacy, all from your phone. It works with their Care360 EHR, but you can use it as a stand alone too, without the full EHR.

    I was talking to Quest's VP of healthcare technology (who is mostly responsible for Care360, though I think he has no idea how it works). I was asking him if Quest was going to develop an App for WebOS, he wasn't sure. I mentioned the glory of PDK and that perhaps his computer gurus could use that to port over the iPhone version of the app.

    Long story short, he is interested, and talked to his geeks. I speak geek, but I am no computer programmer. He wants me to talk to his computer guys to fill them in about this. Is there any good reference I could point them to? other than precentral in general, of course. I am not sure what their iphone app is written in, or if it is even PDK-able, but any advice would be helpful.

    Also, to the other Physicians out there, would you be interested in Care360 app for webos? if so, speak up, because if their is demand, maybe Quest (or even a private developer if that is legal) can make it happen.

    Sorry for the long post. I have a conference call with the VP and his computer guys next Thursday 5/20/10 in the afternoon.

    Not sure if webos development is proper area for thread, so please excuse me if it belongs elsewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjs188 View Post
    I may need some developers to help me out, or at least back me up. And I need some physicians to speak up if they find this of interest.
    well, not many PDK developers have released applications. only three to the best of my knowledge

    what you are probably looking for is a hybrid mojo/PDK application; this is not even finalized internally within palm yet (but, is being worked on). rumor is the next SDK release will include support for it. as for experience? not many people have it yet. the PDK was originally designed for open gl and SDL applications (without a native user interface layer) for gaming purposes.

    it will be possible to do what you are looking for; when the new SDK comes out. i've worked with the PDK for some time now, and have 10 PDK applications on the catalog - but if they are looking to outsource the development, it could be of interest. contact me via a private message.
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