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    I just pushed my application to production from beta.

    I am using SQLLite's HTML 5 database objects to store the data in my app.

    One request I had was that the data from the dev version of the app pull into production.

    However, I changed my application ID in when pushing to production, and now the application does not pull the data. I have to create the database over again, which I have scripts for, but still.

    I thought using the following:
    this.db = openDatabase('PTS', '', 'PTS', 65536) as my database open method, would load the same database regardless of the app id name?

    That's how it works in standard SQL development.

    any ideas?
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    I'm pretty sure one app can't access the sqlite data from another app.

    The way I'm accomplishing the transfer of data from the trial version of my app to the full version is by launching the full app from the trial app and passing the data in the params structure.
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    Dan's method is the only one that will currently work on the device. For security reasons, any db that an app creates is silently provisioned for only that appID.

    If you are using an external db, however, you should be able to make an external tool that would move the data from one to the next.
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    can you give me an example snippet of code to launch one app from another and pass the results params to it?

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