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    I love my Palm Pre, it seems like everyday it gets better and better with new enhancements from the homebrew community. Let's bug the crap out of Palm and see what they can start doing.Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    Here is the direct link to Palm to give them feedback and suggestions for improvements. They say that they do not reply but do read each submission. I think everyone should bombard them from this community with all the things we see that the Pre should have standard such as alot of the patches created. If they get a big bombardment of submissions maybe they will open their eyes and see some of the major things we want/need or more simply should be standard.

    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
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    ive been using this almost since launch day
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    Thats good. Any of it simple stuff that should be standard on our phones or for applications. We should just get like the 10 most wanted things here then once we have the list have every user go and request it on the palm feedback so they get a ton of requests for the same top 10 features that we want.
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    My title was New Hardware.

    I described all the stuff I wanted in the next palm phone.. including:
    4"+ Super Amoled Screen
    1.3+ Ghz Snapdragon
    Back and front facing camera...
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    they have had hints from homebrew for a long time and have not acted on it, goodluck.
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    I use to do that, but after nothing happened I've just given up on it.

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