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    I'm prettying up my fanchy smanchy in the works, and I set my splash screen icon to icon-256x256.png... saved in PNG format images size to 256x256 pixels anddd it's showing up huge and on the screen so its unviewable. Did I do something wrong here?
    Added this to appinfo.json
    "splashicon": "icon-256×256.png",

    any help greatly appreciated!
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    don't know much about creating apps but when making a theme and customizing a splash screen i always double check that i got the correct size, i know it sounds dumb but make sure u didn't add an extra number or something and that u really did make it 256 x 256
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    I used this guide and everything worked great for me.
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    Personally i had this problem at the beginning, but i simply replace the 256 pixels icon with a 48 pixels one and now it works perfectly!

    "splashicon": "icon-256×256.png",  //this point to a 48 pixels icon
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    Cool, I'll try it- thanx!

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