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    I am having a bit of trouble right now getting the style sheets working for both the pre and pixi. I have an alternative style sheet defined and wish to use it for the pixi. In my code, I have a check (which it does hit) for if its running within the pre emulator, then basically do something along the lines of (i dont have the exact code in front of me)


    It will disable the pre style sheet but it will not enable the pixi style sheet. Is there a standard way of doing this within webos? Is this the best way to do it? Please let me know.


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    Both stylesheets should be loaded and enabled in your index.html at start, before your javascript code even begins. Your check should then disable the appropriate one. Also, what are the differences in your css? If you're just shifting elements due to screen size, it's generally better if you use a calculated position and set it in your scene's setup method. That way it can be ready for screen resolutions that aren't available yet.

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