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    Cumulative total so far appears to be $1,025!

    Anyone want to propose a new goal to achieve by Friday at 9p EST/ 6p PST?
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    $5000 as new goal. I have another donation coming Thursday.
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    2500 as the new target, that is definitely something reasonable and worth aiming for.
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    Thanks to everyone who donated. I now have a Sprint Palm Pre in the process of being sorted out for me for validation of my kernels to check battery life usage, courtesy of the people who donated.

    Cheers, Steve
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    I vote to put our goal at $2,500 also but will leave it to the OP... I've just been assiting getting this going!

    I have 29 diggs for this story, keep it coming...

    Digg my story help raise $$$ & awareness for webOS, Palm Pre, HP.

    #WebOS Internals "Telethon"#Palm Pre
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    + $150 from my app sales. Transaction ID: 9KW077627D444834U

    Being #9 on the Hot Apps has it's advantages )

    I would say 5k is not an unreasonable goal.
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    I think 5k is also reasonable, but to keep the full momentum up that we have at the moment I think 2.5k will do this better. Then once we smash 2.5k we can look at 5.
    And that's a very generous donation, I think that's a big thumbs up for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spdsktr View Post
    + $150 from my app sales. Transaction ID: 9KW077627D444834U

    Being #9 on the Hot Apps has it's advantages )

    I would say 5k is not an unreasonable goal.
    Wow! I'm inspired... let's shoot for it. New goal is $5,000 by 9p EST / 6 p PST on Friday!

    I believe that brings our cumulative total to: $1,175

    Ummmm... I don't know how I missed your app all this time... But I checked out Flash Cards Lite and it's awesome! Great work... I'm going to have to buy Flash Cards the full version sometime before I head off to law school this fall!
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    First, on behalf of the whole WebOS Internals team (which now numbers at least 15 I think), I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort (and dollars!) to make a donation. Everyone is doing it tough all around the world in this current economic climate, which makes these donations all the more significant. I also want to thank the many people who (quite unbeknownst to me at the time) started this grass-roots movement, and have kept it going through retweets and blog posts and diggs and so forth.

    In the spirit of openness and transparency (which is key to everything that WebOS Internals does), I wanted to give some details on how we will spend the first $1K raised during this telethon, and how we intend to take this to the next level and spread the goodwill even further throughout the open source homebrew development community.

    Devices for Core Devs

    WebOS Internals core developers are often testing bleeding edge applications, services, kernels and patches, and up until now have had to use their own personal phones to do so. We recently decided that once we had pre-paid all the recurring project expenses for the next year, and made sure that our server hardware was up to scratch for the expected loads during that period, then we would use any excess funds to purchase a second-hand development/test device (usually a second-hand Sprint Pre from Ebay) for each of the core developers.

    We have so far purchased (or are in the process of purchasing) second-hand test devices (for specific use in testing new webOS packages and firmware releases) for the following core developers:

    egaudet, dtzWill, PuffTheMagic, nebula, sbromwich, ka6sox, zsoc, oil, swisstomcat, uNiXpSyChO, dbSooner, rboatright, rwhitby.

    That adds up to over $2K (a second-hand Sprint Pre currently goes for about $180 on Ebay). We will use the first $1K from this telethon for this purpose.

    These devices will be used for testing new versions of applications, services, kernels, patches, etc. and are also critical in allowing our core developers to make sure that the applications that you all use are ready for the next version of webOS to be released.

    As an acknowledgement that superlative work also happens outside of WebOS Internals, we would also like to extend this program to the following people:

    JasonRobitaille (author of WebOS Quick Install, and many other tools and patches)

    caj2008 (yes, you are reading that correctly. There has been a lot of water under the bridge, and we did not agree on many technical points, but we believe that he should be acknowledged for the herculean job he did in bringing the first generation overclocking solutions to the wider webOS user community).

    If there are other webOS community members that you feel really deserve this type of recognition, please highlight them in this thread for consideration. Note that funds are limited (we only have your donations to use for this purpose), so please be extremely selective in who you nominate.

    Open Source Homebrew Hot Apps & Patches

    We believe that the development of open source homebrew apps has been critical to the success of the webOS platform, especially in providing open, reusable source code examples for developers to learn from and bootstrap their applications.

    Yet the existing Hot Apps program from Palm does not show any love to those developers. And it does not even start to recognise the awesome work that many developers have put into creating Patches for our devices.

    So we're going to use the next $1K raised in this telethon (and perhaps even more, depending on what the final total is) to distribute $100 each to the top 10 downloaded open source homebrew packages from (the location from which Preware and WebOS Quick Install download applications, themes, patches, kernels, services, etc).

    Note that all patches available in the webos-patches feed are by definition open source (they are MIT licensed) and are therefore eligible.

    Now, some of you may be saying "But the top 10 open source homebrew applications are all created by WebOS Internals!". Well, we know that's not the case, but to remove any doubt about our intentions, we are going to exclude from the contest any author who has already received a "Devices for Core Devs" unit (this immediately excludes just about all WebOS Internals applications, services, patches and packages).

    See for the timeframes and fine print.

    Thanks again to everyone who has donated. I hope this posting helps to spread the goodwill even further throughout our development community.

    -- Rod
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    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    In $5
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    Add my $20.
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    $1,200... Growing by leaps and bounds...
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    +$10 from me.

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    + $25 for the outstanding work
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    It would be really nice if Jon Rubinstein made a donation. HAHA

    who has his email address. lol
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    $20 from me, with my thanks to everyone in WebOS Internals and the Homebrew community!

    $1255, I think.

    Dugg it too...
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    Great work guys, keep the donations & DIGGS coming!!!

    Digg my story help raise $$$ & awareness for webOS, Palm Pre, HP.

    #WebOS Internals "Telethon"#Palm Pre
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    Another $10 from me...I'm guessing $1255 total?

    Would it be possible to post a daily total on the webOS Internal site somewhere?
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    If anyone has contact/knows any of the person who write front stories on Precentral, shoot them a message about giving the community a shout out for our efforts and what can accomplish with this when all is said and done....
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    Digg my story help raise $$$ & awareness for webOS, Palm Pre, HP.

    #WebOS Internals "Telethon"#Palm Pre
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    I don't have any Homebrew apps right now but I support their amazing efforts and commitment to the webos community. $10.
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