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    Total: $2,430
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    Total: $2,435
    "We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work."
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    Keep the apps and patches coming!


    Total: $2,455
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    $45....Thanks for all the good work!

    Total $2,500
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccano8 View Post
    $45....Thanks for all the good work!

    Total $2,500
    Boom! Bringing the big hammer to put us half way there... very nice.
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    Every dollar and donation counts... thank you to everyone who has donated. Hard to believe we were already half way to $5,000 by Tuesday night.

    I did want to recognize the people who have made donations of at least $30 during the telethon.

    Thank you to:

    spdsktr $150
    Vociferous $100
    PreJamison $50
    notcalvin $50
    KallistiMan $50
    rlee2001 $50
    geneziz $50
    ccano8 $45
    Cantaffordit $30
    Superjudge $30
    cue79 $30

    Great work everyone... and please give some love to these big spenders!

    And... if you feel so inclined... consider this a leaderboard... one that you WANT to get on! You know how to do it!
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    $50 .............. My phone IS what it is only coz of you guys.

    I appreciate your work, time, effort.

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    Love my Pre mainly because of the work of webOS Internals.


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    $20. Thanks to all developers for making webOS rock! And thanks to webOSinternals for making it so easy!

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    Wow, everything just stopped at 9:30. Did I miss a memo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Wow, everything just stopped at 9:30. Did I miss a memo?
    I was worried this would happen. There are only so many people who use homebrew and they usually come here a lot. Unless we get some repeaters it's bound to taper off eventually. Hopefully we can maintain some momentum though now that we've blown by 2500. I may actually contribute a bit more before the week is over if i can. Perhaps some FB posts and tweeting would help?
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    I thought we would hit the brick wall awhile ago.. It will pick up or trickle for the rest of the week!!!

    Digg my story help raise $$$ & awareness for webOS, Palm Pre, HP.

    #WebOS Internals "Telethon"#Palm Pre
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    I intend to make another one too near the end of the week....friday is payday....
    "The union forces me to allow you to go to lunch in spite of the way you've played. Those of you with consciences will not be able to eat. And those of you whose consciences match your talents... go stuff yourselves. I hope you choke".....Maestro, The Money Pit
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    it was bound to happen slow down eventually, especially since it started off at such a rapid pace. I'm sure we'll reach the goal by friday, that's when i intend to donate (payday)
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    Another $35 from me to get the ball rolling again...

    Somebody mentioned that they had donated a dollar for each patch/homebrew app they had installed through Preware...

    I liked that idea so I did it too... my personal total now is at 70... $1/preware install.

    New cumulative total: $2,715

    Note... Ahitz... your ten bucks should've put the total at $2680
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    I too am just waiting on pay day to arrive to contribute.

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