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    So I found this webapp for another forum online, and I'm really wondering how he did it, and if it's possible to duplicate. It's an iPhone webapp, but of course it naturally works wonderfully on the Pre.

    Basically, I'm wondering how difficult it would be to cull the same info from my database on my forum and create a web app similar to this one. Any ideas?

    PS: I know very little, so talk to me like I'm "brand new". Also, I'll post a link once I get more than 10 posts, lol.
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    Depends on your forum (phpBB, ...)

    This is basically a template - I've seen them before.
    Look for 'iphone forum template' in Google. They're sparse, but they're there.

    This would just be a web page though - not an app.
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    doesn't the link just connect to a website built for mobile?
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    Yea, this isn't just a mobile template. The guy created custom scripts to source the data from the database. So essentially it's his own custom site that culls data from the database and allows you to browse, post, etc, from the WebApp. It's really really nice, thing is, I can't find any documentation on the web about how he did it.

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