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    Hi everyone.

    I'm pretty new to developing. I'm looking to make a simple app that just displays the days that my company's offices are closed for holidays and such. I would like to make this private so that only people who have the link to the app can download it. I think I heard something about this on one of the Developer Day videos.

    When you first see the app, you will see the below:

    January 2010
    New Years Day - Friday, January 1
    Day after New Years - Monday, January 4
    MLK Day - Monday, January 18
    February 2010
    President's Day - Monday, February 15
    On the very top, I would like a drop down menu showing me all the months. When you tap a month, a new page opens up and shows you the days off for that month.

    Here are my primary questions:
    1) What language should I use for this?
    2) I have a developer account, but only the free one. Do I need to pay if I want to put my app in a private web distribution?

    At the moment, this is just a concept. But I would like to make it a reality and maybe help pave the way for me to explore further possibilities.

    Mods, if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it.

    Thanks in advanced,

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    1) all developer accounts are free as of now
    2) if you wanted web distribution there is no fee - you just get a link to distribute for folks to download and RSS readers (such as AppScoop) will host the app as well
    3) and go through the html, css and javascript tutorials, then go through some examples that are included in the SDK
    4) good luck! feel free to ask for help along the way
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    Thanks so much. I wanted to try my hand at Ares as well. But I really should learn code first.

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