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    I've done some searching without success so I figured I'd ask the question here to see what is known. Apologies if I just missed an obvious answer/solution.

    So I listen to quite a few audio lectures and really like being able to take a slower speaker and bring him/her up to say 2x to quick pace.

    I was wondering if there is an application or patch that allows for this kind of audio speed tweaking.

    Many thanks!
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    not on webos, you can edit the file on your desktop and transfer it. Try audacity, it's free n open source.
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    I have this on my list of potential features for NaNplayer. I haven't tested to see if playbackRate is usable for audio in Mojo. I'll let you know if I decide to implement this.
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    Precorder Beta coming in the next few days has a service that will support this feature (although at the moment it is not implemented).

    I may make this a feature before 1.0 depending on how important playback is in the development process.
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