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    My friends and I are trying to get into shape and train for a 5K. We would love something for the Palm that would be a 6 or 9 week training program. Something like the Couch to 5K program would be awesome. I have friends using that on the IPhone now and love it (other than that they complain that anytime they have to do anything else on the phone it stops the music). I am sure people would be willing to pay for it. Anyone interested in developing this webOS application?
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    Click here to Download Couch to 5K

    A brief introduction about the Couch to 5K
    * After the success of fitness apps like 100 Pushups, 200 Sqauts, 20 Chinups , 200 situps, we come up with Couch to 5K for Palm!!.
    * A perfect companion for the runners, joggers, walkers, marathon training, running, jogging, fitness, exercise, weight loss, performance, police trainers,interval trainers. * This application can help you in getting into a perfect shape.
    * Its a 9 week schedule which will improve your ability to run 5 Km without stopping.
    * Alternate between intervals of jogging & walking in an increasingly challenging set of workouts.
    * Reset the program & start at any point of time.

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