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    How hard would it be to develop a plugin / patch that would prevent deletion of images in the Photos app?

    I'm thinking of some sort of switch that could be added to the "Preferences" inside the Photo app that if selected would remove the "trash can' icon on the images.

    The reason I ask is my 4 year old got a hold of my phone, as she plays games on it, and has now deleted some pictures. I have a backup on my computer but I'd really like to be able to prevent this in the future.

    I cant program at all but if it isnt too hard, I'll try and learn.

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    I would get the 4 year old a Leapfrog or some similar handheld game system. Trusting a 4 year old with a Pre sounds like a good recipe for a cracked screen, IMO.
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    i don't think there's a patch to do that (although it is a good idea)...but there's an app to lock your photos, that way she cant get into the photos in the first place. and btw...i don't even let me 6 year old TOUCH my pre lol (unless it's out of reach and i'm too lazy to get it myself)

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