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    Hi guys, in my app, I have a section with 13 checkboxes. The user can click, none, one, any or all of them. I want to be able to hide this list unless the user wants to interact with it and specify some categories.

    Should this be done with a drawer or collapsible divider, or are those the same. I've played with the code for a collapsible divider and just can't figure it out. I've looked the style matters app for collapsible divider and wow, there's a lot to it and I don't think all that code would be necessary for what my app needs. I just need to keep the list out of the way, most of the time.

    Also, if you can point me to a simple example of how a drawer or collapsible divider is built, I'm sure it would make more sense.


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    I'd use a drawer.

    Easy instantiation in setup:

    	this.controller.setupWidget('myDrawer', {property:'myOpenProperty'}, this.myDrawerModel={myOpenProperty:false});
    false sets this drawer to closed when the app opens, to toggle the state

    And in your view:

    <div x-mojo-element="Drawer" id='myDrawer'>
    ... (your checkboxes)
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