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    Hi! I'm looking for alternative to Eclipse. Eclipse at my computer is very slow and of course when it opens virtualbox all stop. I am interested in whether there is such. I use Linux (Ubuntu & Mandriva) 512MB ram
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    A lot of people on this forum love Komodo Edit. See the sticky thread for Komodo Edit at the top of the Web OS Development forum.
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    sorry, are you having trouble with eclipse or virtualbox? Because you're gonna be using virtualbox for the emulator no matter what you use to code.
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    your machine only has 512 megs of ram total? just the VM alone needs 256 i think?
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    I have problems with eclipse. I will try Komodo ) Thnx
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    a lot of folks also like notepad++
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    I've become quite accustomed to Palm - Ares
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    I can highly recommend Templarian's Mojo Add-on for Komodo Edit. This solution is far superior to the buggy, clunky mess that is Eclipse. It's not Palm's fault. Eclipse is garbage

    See Templarian's thread. It's the sticky at the top of this forum. You might ask there about any issues with the Ubuntu version of Komodo Edit.

    Templarian really did a nice job with this. If you use his Komodo Edit add-on, and you really ought to, send him a few bucks as a donation.
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    Actually the default VM configuration for the SDK is 512mb like the Pre Plus. On my small laptop that I use occasionally I had to trim that down to 256mb so I could actually open Komodo while the emulator was running. Still runs pretty slow, but at least it runs.

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