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    My Pre has malfunctioned again and was wondering if anyone had a similar issue. I installed precorder and tried some recordings. It recorded something but my speaker will not play any sounds except for the charging "bing". No card swipe sound, no mp3s. Anybody seen anything similar. I have done several restarts and verified all my volumes are at max and the silent switch is not on, obviously since the charging sound works. I'll probably doctor here in the next hour or so I guess. If you can't tell, I am extremely depressed about having to doctor, downloading all the games concerns me with the heat and strain on the device.
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    check yr phone app to see if yr stuck in headset mode
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    worked perfect. Solved my brain fart. I have had this phone since july of last year and haven't seen that problem until today. Thank you again.
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    no problem glad I could help

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