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    last item before my application is ready to publish... i need to be able to backup and restore sqllite data.

    I can export the data to a csv string, but don't know what to do from there? I can send an email as text, ..... but I'd rather save a file as .csv and attach it to an email.

    I'm struggling finding any file i/o methods in the reference library to use .. anybody got any ideas / examples?
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    I'm the same boat as you. I might have to result to some server sided assistance (I'd hate to do that)
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    I know you could create a service to read/write to/from filesystem files. then if you saved your CSV somewhere safe on the USB partition then you could read from there into a variable in import into a database.

    I am unaware of a way to accomplish that without a service.

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    From what I understand, there isn't a way for your application to create a file on the Pre using native Javascript calls. The only possible way, is to use the new PDK and write some code in C to do the file writing. I saw a demo at the Palm Developer Day where the presenter hooked up a simple C program to his WebOS app through Javascript and it didn't seem too difficult. The only issue now, is "where" will Palm allow your app to write external files.

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